The Look…

Life is nothing but a huge masquerade ball in which the participants contrive to conceal their feelings, their addresses, their hobbies, their incomes, their decorations,

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Being different

There comes a time in life when you walk into a room full of people, knowing that something has changed in you. To what may

Adulting men!

We all relate to the historical timeline of B.C. and A.D. This Gregorian calendar unofficially is the world’s ‘global’ standard to measure dates. With this

My woman of substance!

Mother’s Day may have been the initiative of Anna Jarvis to commemorate her Mother, but she gave us all a reason to celebrate our ‘old

Vitamin F…

I love that fact that lockdown has given us all some serious introspective ‘gyaan’… about the neighbours, the people who live a few blocks away,

A healing touch…

Our countdown has begun.. 10 days to go before the hopeful opening on May 3rd. There is excitement, there is fear. There is joy and

Being SPIRITual!!

This week, Random Conversations received a few hilarious mentions and emails. It is very tempting to resist putting one of them on display but I

Lessons/Blessings etc etc…

The past few weeks have unleashed a wide display of talent, both online and offline. It is very amusing to wake up each day to

Data, with a soul.

I am often accused of being a storyteller. I am often reminded that my imagination is fairly experimental in nature. I am more than often

#QuaranBinge #StayHome

Hello and Happy Sunday. It’s a beautiful day in our part of the world. The sun is shining and birds are chirping, and yes, we

Old fashioned family time..

With the current pandemic caused by Corona, one thing is certain.. it took a virus to tell people the world over, to focus on family.

Think… different –

An Unconventional Mindset is an asset to have. Firstly, it does not conform to any society driven rules. Secondly, it helps you see light in

Say No.. for a better YES!

For all the beautiful women in my life… This one is for you! Happy Women’s Day. A lot of times in life we let others