Happy Hormones!

“Warning!! Estrogen levels currently high!” This was on the cover of a letter I received from a regular reader. Instantaneously, the oxytoxins charged up inside

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Confessions of married women..

At the onset, before I begin, this piece is a dedication to others like me. For our male readers.. here is a sneak (filtered) preview

Anchor & Wave

I came across a very interesting TED talk by a relationship psychologist. And, what caught my attention was the simplistic way in which she described

“Me time”

Who are you when no one is around? Do you tie your hair up and knot that shirt high? Or do you put on blaring

I wish I had …

Resilience:- capacity to recover from a difficult situation; ability to spring back! It takes a lot for some to just push themselves out of bed

A social emotion..

With the influx of smart phones and apps, the display picture is a much talked about phenomenon. I say PHENOMENA coz in its own way,

Words are all I have..

Hello! And a very Happy New year from us at Random Conversations. I say us for its you, me and everyone who is a part

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Say it as it is…

Packaging is an art for some. The delicate curly ribbons sit pretty atop a coloured box or sashayed across the wrapping paper. The sheets of

My opinion – today…

I am often asked what my inspiration is. I am often asked how I envision aspects of relationships and lay them out bare. I am

An affair with you…

Has it been a while since you met yourself? When did you fall in love with the person you see in the mirror? Did you

Of flirty analogies!!

The magic of a diamond lies in the little cuts within the stone. These intricate etchings—called facets—act like prisms to refract light, bouncing the beams

A world of make believe….

I believe in magic. I believe in fairies, elves and even little Thumbelina. Our childhood consisted of tales, most of which have come down the

A dash of colour…

Its amazing how a little play with colours can brighten up your day, isn’t it? Its even more intriguing to know that a colour has