I wish I had …

Resilience:- capacity to recover from a difficult situation; ability to spring back! It takes a lot for some to just push themselves out of bed

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A social emotion..

With the influx of smart phones and apps, the display picture is a much talked about phenomenon. I say PHENOMENA coz in its own way,

Words are all I have..

Hello! And a very Happy New year from us at Random Conversations. I say us for its you, me and everyone who is a part

Say it as it is…

Packaging is an art for some. The delicate curly ribbons sit pretty atop a coloured box or sashayed across the wrapping paper. The sheets of

My opinion – today…

I am often asked what my inspiration is. I am often asked how I envision aspects of relationships and lay them out bare. I am

An affair with you…

Has it been a while since you met yourself? When did you fall in love with the person you see in the mirror? Did you

Of flirty analogies!!

The magic of a diamond lies in the little cuts within the stone. These intricate etchings—called facets—act like prisms to refract light, bouncing the beams

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A world of make believe….

I believe in magic. I believe in fairies, elves and even little Thumbelina. Our childhood consisted of tales, most of which have come down the

A dash of colour…

Its amazing how a little play with colours can brighten up your day, isn’t it? Its even more intriguing to know that a colour has

Connect the dots

You only realise the value of a moment when it becomes a memory. You only understand why things happen after they have. You only value

An act of kindness…

I was at a school fair recently, wherein a chart at the entrance caught my eye. There was a picture of a little boy fishing

A deep thought…

Wisdom comes with experience, not age. Humour comes with mindset, not circumstance. Relationships work because of resilience. People cross your path for they have something


I believe in love. I also believe in all the paraphernalia that surrounds it. Add to that, the openness of sharing the most absurd of