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Pooja poddar marwah, author pooja, author pooja marwah

Pooja is an Indian author, columnist, blogger, orator and content specialist. On a good day, she has about 2457 tabs open at all times. After all, multi- tasking is supposedly a woman’s forte!

Her foray into writing began in a parking lot, whilst she waited for her kids’ co-curriculars to get over. There is not one local cop that didn’t wonder what she did every day, with a ‘MacBook’ and a ‘thumbs up’ can, outside the City’s activity centre!

Her debut book, Pursuit – Drawn by Destiny, stands as a testament to her unwavering belief in the power of love. It was nominated by the Valley of Words Literature Festival, held in Dehradun and was also a finalist under the English Fiction category by the International Book Awards, U.S.A. It has won two digital awards as well as been featured across various publications, both national and international. Taking quirky inspiration from her own life, her personal blog (Random Conversations) is based on contemporary living and all that inspirational paraphernalia. ‘Politics with a twist’ is what she writes for the Times of India, which deals with current issues that are throwing the world off gear!

Having studied at Welham Girls School, Pooja left after class 10 for a cultural exchange to StormLake High School in USA. On returning, she joined Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics in Mumbai and graduated with top honours in English. While doing her B.Com, she pursued a three year degree course on Creative Writing from Symbiosis Institute, Pune and graduated amongst the first in her class. That is a brief history.

Pooja poddar marwah, author pooja, author pooja marwah

Today, armed with a keen eye for storytelling and a passion for the written word, Pooja crafted a body of work that is both engaging and thought provoking. From curating content in fields of PR, Technology, Gaming, Construction, Law, Finance & Wellness, Pooja remains steadfast in her pursuit of excellence, as she inspires and empowers a new generation of writers. Her innovative ideas and exemplary work ethics have earned her recognition as a much sought after ‘Content Specialist.’ Her ability to merge technological diversity with an empathetic approach has enabled her to provide thought leadership to corporate leaders internationally. She has the privilege of working with Fortune 500 Companies and Global Leaders, showcasing a unique combination of compassion and content expertise.

Beyond her professional achievements, Pooja is deeply committed to promoting and preserving India’s culture and heritage. Actively involved with the Prabha Khaitan Foundation, that aims to promote and spread India’s culture and heritage, Pooja’s oration skills have had her speak at leading Literature Festivals like the Khushwant Singh Literature Festival, Inkspire, The Dehradun Literature Festival, Valley of Words and more. 

Her favourite quote is from her own book –
‘Listen when I’m distant for I won’t say a word.
Know where to find me for I won’t be in a herd.
We all will be a chapter in somebody’s head.
Wouldn’t you rather be the whole book,’
Quietly, she said.

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Pursuit - Drawn by Destiny

The Novel

Set among expatriates in the bustling city of Mumbai, Pursuit reveals the complex shades of a mature, modern-day relationship between two strongly opposite individuals.What is the mystical reason that Kate holds on… or does she let go? Is he really worth risking her sanity for? Is she Edward’s desire or is she is the reason he feels freed? Pursuit captures the true essence of a relationship – Just as is!

For every Indian, ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ hits home like nothing else.People talk about you – because you are worth it!

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