Pooja Poddar Marwah

Thank you – Front line India

The race has begun. As the world braces upto get registered for vaccinations, many a question has been nonchalantly brushed off. How safe is it? In the history of research based medication, isn’t the timeline for a covaxin or a Pfizer-bioNtech shot a tad bit premature?

Should we get it or should we not?

Leaders of countries have taken the vaccine live on international television to help promote its efficacy and authenticity.But as civilians, the surety of normalcy just isn’t believable. In a way, it is ironic – almost superstitious at that, if I were to mark a certain pattern in the way some Indians are viewing the ‘Grand registration’.

A cat crosses the road just as your car is about to and you suddenly brake, so as to let another, ride over the bad luck that it is supposed to bring.

You see a ladder propped against a building and you deftly take a detour and continue walking but in no circumstance dare to walk under.

And in the case of the vaccine, you smartly sit back and watch the front line workers queue up and take the shot. The same front line workers who offered to stand by and protect you, while you were comfortable being home.

It is absolutely justified to question, for your health and life is important to you. But at the same time, it is also necessary to salute the very same front line workers who are once again in theLine of Fire, as they ready themselves to be the ‘guinea pig’ for you.

For all the people who have made the pandemic a breeze for us normal civilians, here is a big shout out, to Thank you for re-instilling in us the belief that you will always be there for us, even though we may not.

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