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And, the prada stayed home

Do you often end up saving the best for last? Saving the beautiful crocheted napkins for a special occasion or a dress perhaps?

Are you forever putting your life on hold and denying yourself the life you want, for a better tomorrow?

Are you giving yourself a reason to believe that you aren’t accomplished enough to use the fine things? And to just save them for the grandeur of “Athithi Devo Bhava!”

They say that the world will never remain the same again. They say that social distancing will be the new trend. They also say that once the lockdown opens and life chugs back to normalcy… a lot would have changed in you as a person and as a family.

It is not only about the effective use of time; about the display of every dish you make or every sketch, you draw. It goes far deeper to bring out the truest essence of a relationship. A family does not mean a group of people living together. It means looking outwards in the same direction whilst having the freedom to look inwards on your own.

Everyone is their own person. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and choice. And, now, that everyone is confined to limited space, what is it that you truly feel? Is the conversation alive? Does the sound of laugher tickle? Are you spending time, over the WFH hours, to interact with the children?

Most importantly…are you happy?

Are you dressing up, with all the accessories you have or are they just laid out immaculately in the cupboard drawer?

Are you wearing the blouses kept for “outside” or is the family just seeing you in faded tees and pj’s?

Are you getting ready to tell ‘The Day’, that you are ready to deal with everything that it gives your way? For in the end, the only way to fight the invisible enemy is if you give it your best shot.

The people that are around you, are the most special to you. They are an integral part of your world. So, why not take out the fine china and use it? Why not dress up for dinner and spend time at the table talking and conversing?

In a quest to save for tomorrow, we often forget that Today actually is all you get. It is the best day of your life, every day. Use the Wedgewood to serve yourself a cup of tea. Polish the silverware and decorate it. Drink the 21-year-old single malt that you have been saving up for an occasion…

Have pizza on a Noritake. Take the LV grocery shopping, wear the Fizzy goblets at home, light the fancy rose-shaped candles, put on music while you cook, blow-dry your hair.. put on a little makeup… for in the end… aren’t these the very things that you once bought, for yourself?

We have all been taught to keep away the “good stuff” for guests.

‘I have tons of the yummiest smelling lotion, all saved up for someday.’

‘ Oh! The printed paper napkins- imported hai bhai!!’

‘Stationery that I bought from Hongkong. They’re too cute to use.’ and the list goes on…

So, one lockdown-ed evening, I decided on going a little over the top and took out the crockery that was strictly labelled “GUEST.” The young teenagers look at the table and commented  ‘Wow. These are beautiful, Ma. Why don’t we ever take them out? Are the guests who come here for 2 days a year, more important than us?’

Ouch! That really hurt, but at the same time, it also gave me a sense of pride to know that everything I do, makes a difference to this circle I call my life. That was when I decided on giving ourselves the pleasure of living the good life, every and each day. Tomorrow is never promised. And today is what we have to call ours…

So, take that Prada out and use it.

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