Pooja Poddar Marwah

A disappearing act!

With Corona taking centre stage in our lives, a lot of other vital information about its neighbouring countries appears to have been pushed down the priority ladder. It has been a few months and as we begin to read more of the current news, one question repeatedly comes to mind…

Where is Kim Jong Un? He was last seen meeting his top advisors on April 11, post which he miraculously disappeared. He missed his Country’s biggest political event; held in memory of his grandfather and Founder of North Korea – Kim Il Sung – Something he has never missed since he came into power. 38 North, a Washington based North Korea monitoring project analysed its satellite images showing his train parked outside Wonson, his heavily guarded resort.. But that neither proves or disproves his being alive or not.

North Korea as a country is known for its opaque behaviour and there is always a sense of scepticism in what the state media releases. Having said this, when they suddenly took out pictures of him inaugurating a fertilizer plant on May 2,2020, there was much rejoicement in the world with even President Trump tweeting that “I, for one, am glad to see he is back, and well!”

But, is he really back?

Ofcourse, Trump has reason to wonder, for North Korea’s 30-40 nuclear weaponry and its intercontinental ballistic missiles are all in his control.. And the world is aware that this knife dangles precariously on the head of the POTUS!

There was some speculation about him being away from the limelight due to coronavirus but it paints a rather ambiguous picture in the mind, for North Korea, despite sharing its border with China has reported ZERO cases of the virus. And if there were no cases, then why was he in hibernation?

Based on the reports earlier, citing that he is gravely unwell and critical.. how is it that he appears to be heavier by a few pounds and in the pink of health? If he was in the vegetative state that was portrayed earlier, there is bound to be some sort of fatigue or ailment on his body, isn’t it?

In my opinion, as a nation of the world, the Rulers of North Korea have to be answerable to some authority other than its own self. Are his images real or are they a photoshopped version to disguise the fact that he may not be alive.. until they find a credible successor!

But who is to know??? A virus that has affected millions across the globe has not even crossed its neighbour’s border.. Leaves a strange feeling in the gut, doesn’t it?

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