Pooja Poddar Marwah

I have learnt

that we all need to constantly step out of our comfort zones, so we can see what we are truly capable of. If the toad stayed where it was and kept hopping around in its pond, the Princess would have never found him, leave alone kiss him to break the spell.

I am an Indian author, content curator, columnist, blogger, orator. I am a woman who has 2457 tabs open at all times. After all, multi-tasking is supposedly a woman’s forte!

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A little note

"I've always believed that having a delectable threesome of faith, trust and love sums up every equation you will have in your life. It is in these three words that you can achieve every and each thing you set your heart on.

Have a delusional amount of belief in your faith and trust in that delusion with such conviction that Destiny has no choice but to serve it to you. Pursue her with love and see how magical your life becomes."

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