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Upward trend in Life lessons…

When you aren’t looking for something or yearning for it, more often than not, it falls right into your lap. Such is the thing with life lessons. It is rather intriguing to walk into a bookstore and find tens of hundreds books that offer an insight into life, into positivity and meaningfulness. Lessons learned in life, valuable life lessons, short stories for adults with moral lessons… Makes one wonder though, doesn’t it?

Why is there such a sudden spike in self help books? Where there used to be friends or family sitting around finding solutions, we are now headed straight to audio books or kindle in a search for answers. We are looking for that one twig to hold onto in a gushing river of overwhelming emotions. Perhaps, someone else’s experiences may help resonate with ours. Maybe the writer’s perspective could open doors we never knew existed.

What are life lessons really? Are they a means to a content life or is it a way to be? How do we magically find answers when we had no inkling that the question even existed?

If I were to cite the most recent debacle on television surrounding a super star’s son, I’d say we have one important life lesson staring at us right in the face. Yes, he pays the price of being born into privilege, but there are far greater criminals than him that deserve to be caught and put to task. Where is the 3000Kg heroin bust at the Adani mentioned Mundra port.. or the Lakhimpur Kheri brutal murder?

Where we let our rapists and murderers go scot free, we sit back and allow for a spectacle like this to feature all over prime time television! And for what? At a David Letterman show, his father had said of his success, “I was lucky for I was at the right place at the right time.” And for his son, it was a classic opposite of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. The ship did sail, with a lot of contraband drugs in tow, but they were mere mortals. Catching them or jailing them wouldn’t cause a flutter across the Country and bring to limelight the Officers in charge!

The lesson to take from this is a simple – if you add to fuel to fire, it will explode! We as a society give our eyes and ears to anything that concerns fame. We are the ones that are hungry to keep up with the Kardashians or get behind the scenes with Ellen DeGeneres. Life often gives us a chance to stop and re-configure ourselves, but more often than not, we tend to overlook it.

A lot of celebrities have used the lock down period to bring out the writer in them. They speak of the challenges they faced, the trouble and the turmoil they went through to achieve what they have.. And it is a brilliant guideline for those of us who aspire to be like them. For every writer brings to the table a lot of his own personal experiences.

If you look around you, it in the minutest things that you find meaning. Ants always touch each other while crossing, showing mutual respect as a greeting. Children today have a far better sense of the world than we did when we were their age. I think they have made us more accepting of norms we didn’t believe in earlier. Life teaches us in myriad different ways, but like everything else that works, we have to be open to understanding the point it is trying to tell us.



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