Why is your Why?

What is your “Why?”

The question seems incorrect, doesn’t it? Two questions in a question that makes little or no sense. Like a piece of art, wherein the viewer has to look closer to understand the artist’s mind, this question too has infinite possibilities to it. What is my “WHY?”

Why do I say the words I do? Why do I dream the things I am? Why do I laugh when all I really want to do is something totally opposite? Why am I feeling the emotions I feel? Why is my mind so questionable? Why do I value and prioritise the way I have? Why on earth do I need a “WHY?”

Most of us know what we want from our life and we continue to walk towards that. In the midst of walking however, some of us stop to smell the roses or play with the thorns, cliché as it may sound! And then we continue on, only to question our own selves.. Why do I want this in the first place? Is it really worth it?

A friend once gifted me a small cactus and it was a pretty angel wing one, the opunta albispina for those who are into botany. But it still was a cactus! Sensing my alarmed expression, he was quick to clarify that he chose a cactus over a flower as the latter withers away and dies. But the cactus stays on. “It symbolises endurance and withstands the test of time. Also, Native Americans believe that cactus are a symbol of warmth and motherly affection.”

The reason I mention the above story is just to show a different perspective. At any other time in life, I’d look at a cactus as a sign of cold heartedness, but another’s perspective towards it, simply helped alter mine too. Or perhaps, it helped me in looking for something where I thought was nothing!

In our own individualistic way, we all feel that we know our why. I mean it is absurd to think otherwise, isn’t it? But the reality here is that not even a handful of us are aware. Most of us know what we are supposed to do, but not the why we do it. And being able to understand and accept the why is what adds the purpose or meaning to our life. It makes it really simple and uncomplicated if we know why we do what we do.

We can develop our personality, climb the ladder as high as possible, multiply our income, and so on.. But all of it will seem insipid if it isn’t fuelled by a burning desire that answers the ‘Why.’

To live an abundant life, is to be able to live free and uninhibited. It is to channelise our energies into doing what we love. It is to be able to redirect how we think. And to know when to act. It is something we all learnt whilst at school. The who, what, when , where and why sums up our whole life, if only we have the ability to energise them in sync.. in the right direction.

It is the Why that motivates me to keep prodding the other four, and it is in this light nudging that I find most of the answers I’m seeking.



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