Basic Instinct of survival

A basic Instinct for survival

For all of you who believe in God, or for those who rely on a supernatural power that set this world in motion – this quote is for you. “Some of God’s blessings arrive by shattering everything around you.. which is dangerous, for you never know what might happen next!”

As much as we would like our life to be documented and planned, more often than not, things happen, that sway it a little off course. Calamities or difficulties are a part of life as much as joyfulness and exuberance are. But when we are faced with the former, our sensory and reflective perceptions seem to freeze momentarily making us question, more than act.

In Joseph Murray’s Power of the subconscious mind, he writes about the innate ball of strength that we are all born with, but only a few manage to capitalise! When push comes to shove, a lot of us stop due to fear, superstition or even lack of will. We succumb to pressure, mostly self-yielded and the first weeds of ‘giving up’ begin to grow!

So, how does one keep the resilience when all you want to do is stop? How do you keep motivating yourself to keep walking when you find no reason to push yourself out of bed in the morning?

There are a few universal things that help in making that decision for us.. For example, most of us have been told that if we are ever lost in a forest, try and locate a water body and keep walking near it.. If you lose your way on concrete, keep going straight and you will reach somewhere! When you are out of a job, keep looking, for chances are that the minute you are about to give up, that one last application was all it would have taken!

We all have a basic instinct for survival, and it is that spirit that acts as a beacon in life. What you have to understand is that the beacon is stationary and shows you the way, but you have to reach it, no matter how many obstacles come! You don’t necessarily have to break down every wall that forms. Sometimes, it helps to walk around, take a detour but keep your goal fixed!

A book I recently read by Juliane Koepcke – ‘When I fell from the sky’ reiterates this very belief. The 17 year old girl literally fell from the sky when lightning struck her airplane. It killed all 91 people on board and she was the sole survivor who crash landed on a canopy of leaves in the Jungle. Inspite of her concussion, and her maggot infected injuries, all the young teenager knew was one thing – “I want to get out of here. I want to survive!”

And she lived to tell her tale with this one sheer determination.

It really isn’t easy to push yourself to keep walking when day after day, the setbacks cumulate. You begin to question yourself if this is even worth it.. you get ‘self doubt’ onto the panel discussion your mind seems to chair but where does that take you?

The most basic instinct of survival, most specially in the Post Covid world is to first.. give yourself a goal or dream to chase, and second.. to keep going after it like a horse with blinkers!



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