Re route yourself

Re-route yourself

The inspiration behind this blog is a forwarded message I happened to read on Whatsapp. As a creature of habit, I seldom open a forward, neither do I dwell too much into any news that gets shared on the app. But then, there are always exceptions to your own rules!

‘If it is on Whatsapp, then its credibility is questionable.’ This is a silent but unanimous statement most of us have. The first few lines piqued my curiosity as I read the words ‘children’ and ‘re-routing.’ I admit I am a helicopter mom and its more for my own needs that I whizz around my teens. So if there is anything that remotely mentions kid or child, you can be certain that I’d give it a peak!

Google maps is one such learning experience. It has this comforting calmness about itself as it guides you from start to end. And what is important to notice is that no matter how many wrong turns you take, it doesn’t chastise or yell. All it does it re-route and show you another way to reach your destination.

Its human to lose our cool and act in haste and animosity. And this anger and frustration that we exude, is actually directed at our own selves. It is our inner complexities that we show when we raise our voice or react in a manner that is disrespectful. Whether it is a child or a grown up, a colleague or a stranger.. what you really are as a person shows in how you treat another.

It is easy to camouflage an appearance but real beauty never needs to be layered. And by beauty, I am not referring merely to a physical appearance, but beauty of a soul. There are some people that touch your life in a way that they embed deep scars. And then there are those that stoically help you create an artwork around yourself. A harsh word spoken, a hurtful action done is a spur of the moment vexation. It need not have lasting results, should you yourself have the maturity of accepting it as an act of instability from the person.

What I enjoyed reading, as I absorbed every word of the article, was the ground reality of an artificial intelligence application. In its own robotic way, it had life’s little meaning hidden. It is human to make a mistake and there are always ways to correct it, if you still want to reach the same destination. And that realisation to me, served to be a new dawn.

If you stop for every prick (pun intended) along the way, eventually you will lose sight of the journey’s end and begin to focus on the dullards along the way. And all that will do is push your goals and dreams further and further away.

Life is short as it is unpredictable, given the sudden news of a healthy young actor’s death. There are no guarantees on when that clock will stop. So, isn’t it time to pause and re-route your own self so that you can be a more humane person? Isn’t integrity to your own beliefs –  a virtue important enough?

Google maps may have started this deluge of thoughts in my head but it did bring to surface a small truth – Aggressiveness and antagonizing another is not so much about the victim but about the person, who sadly is engulfed by their own fury.



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