Men will always be men – Chapter 1

This series is a little off the beaten path of life goals and lessons. It dwells more on the benefits of conversation, albeit with a streak of humour. After all, laugh lines or smile lines are a beautiful sight on the face.. for they truly signify happiness.

To calm the anxious fraying nerves, one is often prescribed a serious dose of meditation. And like everything else that is supposed to be serious, this plan flies straight out of the window in the first 5 minutes.. But the goal is achieved.. The anxious fraying nerves have become re-charged with the adrenalin rush that conversation provided. 

It goes as such. A usual Sunday morning that has most of us mere mortals wake up around the latter part of noon. The man of the house wakes up at pre dawn, (the cocks haven’t even crowed yet) and decides to breathe! Yes.. breathe!

Pray imagine my startled face as I woke up to measured breaths.. that were loud enough to sound, as though the heart was on an overdrive.

“Are you okay?” I poke my head out of the ten kilo quilt that shields me from the biting cold that North of India undergoes every year. Did I forget to mention that I sleep bundled like an eskimo. The reason I need to specify this piece of information is so you understand the amount of time, inclination and effort it takes to lift the body, to turn towards the sound of ahem – measured breaths!

The dimmer in the room was on and all I saw was the Man sitting crosslegged by the baywindow, his eyes opened wide and him focussed on me.

“Uh. Why are you staring at me sleep?”

He gulps a few grams of air. Due to my disinterest in physics at school, this is an assumption I make to quantify air. I do recall learning about an anemone meter to measure volume and a barometer to check the pressure, or was it visa versa?

Or maybe we should come back to the story and stick to grams, for now. 🙂

“Its called focus. To meditate you need to find a focus.”

“Okay,” I ask still huddled up. “How is a printed Jaipuri quilt providing you one. For you really can’t see through this translucent layer of cloth..” I have to admit that I am trying really hard not to smirk.

“This lockdown has really changed my life goals. It has made me want to sit down, smell the rose and linger on its fragrance.”

This called for a laugh, and a serious one at that. The cold can wait. I threw the blanket off and stared at him as though he were delusional.

“See, this is my point. I gave you reason to laugh.”

“You need to sleep. I think your brain needs its usual Sunday rest.” I smile and say.

“Laugh all you want. But at my counselling session yesterday, there was a speech by one of the members on the benefits of meditation. It relaxes the mind and the body like nothing can.”

“But Seema didi’s massage relaxes me, that too at my time.” I protest but he pays no need to me for the time. I think he was in a trance of teaching me the benefits of focus.

“Meditating is not easy. It increases the body’s metabolism and makes you feel re-energised. It takes away the toxicity of life and presents a newer or a different perspective to things around you. It builds your imagination, patience, creativity and … “

“So, I have another way that can give you the same benefits and more. It’s a way we mere mortals use to get by in life and manage it with a clear heart and conscience too.”

“You will never get serious. Come here, try it. You have to count slow, long and deep and then breathe out to the double of the time taken for the breath to come in.”

“Oh. Are we still talking about breaths?” I asked as I pulled the quilt over in a fit of hysteria. I love meditating. Don’t get me wrong. I just don’t practise it with measured breaths. And the best part is that I love my inconsistent ways. For the end result is the same. It calms my anxious fraying nerves.

If you’re wondering on my way; (for this week) – I am focussed on well tailored ‘Suits,’ for I never knew that legal jargon would soothe me, and yet leave me with a new aspect, to my knowledge of the world. It has given me a focus and I have been successful in meditating to the varied cases of civil and criminal law.

But then, Men will always be Men.



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