No terms or conditions…

I am almost compelled to write this down, perhaps as an analog for the future generations, or perhaps as a thought said aloud to the present.

The truth is that in the year 2020, we are a race are grappling with a crisis that is killing us, leaving us baffled, and re-ingraining in us the erstwhile caste system. We are over six months into this devastating calamity with no near end in sight. Fear is paramount in everyone’s mind. Death is out on the streets.. picking and choosing at its own whim and fancy. It isn’t deciding on any list of prerequisites.. Oh No! this is its year to roam free. There is no rule it needs to follow, nor give any justification. It will appear at a door, dressed as Trick or Treat.. pick up its goodies and move to the next.

Does it leave you with a sinking feeling? That  – is this it?

Does it scare you with its uncertainty? Of – will it come?

Or, does it reiterate Life’s greatest lesson? Now is all you have. Live it. Enjoy it. Flirt with it.

More than the microbe itself, it is extremely distressing to look around at the apathetic behavioral changes in people. There is no doubt on its risk of contagion but in the same breath, it is important to include that there is no reason to shun someone as though they were untouchable. If the virus won’t kill them, lack of empathy will.

In all this cacophony, the only noise that registers is the one of silence. It is amongst the din around, and only a handful can actually hear it. For to feel the calm in the midst of a raging storm, you have to hold on fiercely to the power of belief. And you have to do that with a determination so strong that no matter how hard the winds blow, you won’t let go of the log of faith.

It is here to teach us a lesson. And this is a class we have to attend, irrespective of who we are or which strata of society we belong to. If you have a mind that is open to learning and can grasp the chapters that are being taught, you will come out of it, a stronger and better version.

But there is a very definite IF, in that statement.

At a dinner the other night, it wasn’t the usual roundup but an interesting mix of medicine, entrepreneurship and arts. Needless to say that the conversations were stimulating enough to continue until the wee hours of the morning. Corona has taken away a lot.. but it has also given back. There are a lot of things that are beyond the realm of our understanding and it is best to leave it at that.

It is true – you can’t change people, the only thing you can change is your own perception to them and that on its own is an accomplishment. There comes a time in everyone’s life where you are compelled to pause and take a deep breath. There are options given, choices made which thereby determine the rest of the course. But what happens when its staring at you in the face and you chose to ignore it and continue on the path of self destruction?

There is probably a meagre one percent of civilization that will really learn something worthwhile, and I am of the belief that everything that happens in life has occurred to teach something. To learn or not depends entirely on your own prerogative.

If I were to speak of any one positive change this catastrophe has brought to surface, it would be the ability to take on anything that comes my way… with belief, with faith and most importantly, with love.

And neither of the three come with terms and conditions.



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