The exit stamp

There are many unanswered questions, but there are no unanswered prayers.

There are many reasons why things happen, but there is always reason for them to occur.

With the pandemic enjoying its stroll in our backyards now, it is closer home than ever before. But, that is the thing… there are always weeds where there are flowers, there will always be murky water where there is a lotus, there will be a rotten apple in that basket of crunchy ones. And what really should be on top of the mind is the flower, lotus and the crunch that satisfies! 

It has put us in a social dilemma of sorts. The balancing act of care and fatigue is tipping precariously towards the latter; in mind and body both. It is taking a toll on the elderly and listening to their woes, in turn, tires the young out. The young are trapezing their way between their own personal and professional responsibilities with no one to voice their enervation on. And the children, in my opinion, are the greatest warriors of this disease. Everything that they have ever known to be normal has been taken away from them – the parks, the schools, their birthday get togethers and even their friends. For a young child, this is the life they have known. This is all they have been exposed to.

We cannot negate the fact that it is out there lurking in our shadows, but the need of the hour is to face it and deal with whatever it throws our way. Perhaps it is a trial by fire for you and for me. Perhaps it is a way of testing our faith. You cannot say you have belief and then begin to question every ‘why’ and every ‘what.’

Faith is a feeling that you have; one that is unique to everyone. How you portray it depends entirely on you. If going to a religious sanctum gives you that reaffirmation, keep going. If taking a few minutes each day on idol worship calms you, by all means do it. If none of these are for you and your idea of faith is in your own hands, even that is absolutely okay. But for all of them, the one constant is to make sure that, faith is unshakeable. No matter what happens, your faith doesn’t falter or quiver. Only then, can you say that you truly believe!

Fear is one emotion that the virus has brought to light. And perhaps that is the reason that we are taking a while to fight it. If there is a snowstorm, fearing the aftermath of its destruction will take away the current moment you have. Either you brace up and find a way out, or you give up and succumb. But fearing it will do nothing for you or for the storm. It will cross its course and move on, and what will stay is how you walked through it.

It may sound harsh but the stark reality of life is that the day we step into the world, our exit has already been stamped. And nothing that you do in the course of life will change this one fact. The way you live, the way you laugh, the person you are and who you become… all are malleable and changeable; but for the exit stamp.

This is one reality that hurts to think about, but if you can overcome that fear, then believe you me, nothing can come in the way of the life of your dreams. For if the fear is taken away, the adrenalin rush of fighting is gone. And faith wins hands down.

It is human to question but also know that your prayers are being listened to and will be answered.

It is normal to argue with reason but also know that if it has happened, it is in your best interest.

Decluttering the mind and leaving room for faith to dwell will leave you with strength so deep, that you will never have to look up at the sky and say – Why me?



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