The big ‘O’

Somehow, when October rolls around, the air automatically feels lighter, crisper and a whole lot more energised. Could it be because of the barrage of special moments we have to celebrate or perhaps, the Big ‘O’ gives more reason than one to sit back and literally… feel the pixie dust fall!

I am abashedly aware of the twisted track, this letter, could take one’s mind on, but for the moment, am going to focus on the ones that caught my attention.. I almost feel like an answering machine on a rapid fire round…but at the same time will admit, to having the time of my life whilst replying to these queries.. 🙂

Q. What would it take for a person to wake up one day and change everything that they have ever known about themselves?

A. Hmm.. a sudden epiphany to wanting to spend your life the way you want to, not by the way norms dictate. But the catch here is that YOU have to want it bad enough. 🙂

Q. How do I cultivate an unconventional mindset?

A. Uhh.. There is a reason why we are taught the same idioms since kindergarten up until class 12. It is to reiterate to us that ‘birds of a feather.. flock together.’ So, if it is that unconventional mind that you are yearning.. perhaps it is time to change the company you are keeping.

Q. I want to be a happy person but there are too many things that pull me down. How can I change that?

A. Happiness is something you have to feel for yourself. Irrespective of what pulls you down, get back up and pursue the things that make you go ‘Oh my god!’ And you can take this one line anyway you want it. 🙂

Q. What are three things that make you go – ‘Oh my god!’

A. 🙂 Wow, that’s being rather direct. But since I’m asked, it would be surprises, followed by incessant laughter and ofcourse eventually, it would be followed by the warm fuzzy feeling that the good ol’ big ‘O’ brings about. October just adds the oomph to an otherwise mundane year!

There are a lot of memes floating about the world wide web on how this year should be written off and that no one wants to add it to their years etc etc. But the way I look at it.. this has been one year that has put my whole life into perspective. Things have happened – good and bad. Moments have come – happy and sad. People have left their mark – for better or for worse.

But what has really stayed and made its impact is that  – Life has given life back. How you want to use it, is entirely dependent on your own prerogative.

October signals the last quarter of the year. It brings about a flurry of festivities and induces a spirit of giving. The fun part about this month is that it is One that is abundant with indulgence, with feisty spirits and ofcourse, the warmth of love all around.

So, for the next few weeks that the big ‘O’ is around, how about we do a little cleansing inside of us so that the warmth and the fuzz associated with the letter is felt deep inside. 🙂



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