After a wonderful series with the old man, we are back to having random conversations with each other. And I must admit… I missed it.

Corona isn’t going anywhere just yet, but what I am totally enjoying about this pandemic, is that it has given every body a chance to dress up, sit in front of a screen and – Lights, camera, actiooooon!!!

I’m a talker – I’m a do-er

I’m a dancer, I’m a writer

I’m a baker, I’m a life coach,

I’m a teacher, I’m a counsellor..

I’m everything I want to be and more!

Each interpersonal skill that a person has is being used to its fullest advantage and I am intrigued to read, hear and see a variety of men and women both, get into the wellness Industry. From raising good kids to baking, from developing personalities to whipping up exotic tales, from manners, poise to conversations and more, this journey is getting so exciting!!

Imagine a world where we don’t need a degree, where our own experiences, which we have been able to conquer, can serve as a lesson to others in the same boat..

Imagine a world where we don’t need to master any one thing but can be a Jack or Jill of many trades, solely based on our own attempts of various things..

Imagine a world where every human is the best version of themselves… Now isn’t that something divine to reckon with?

There is a lot one can do, sitting at home.. with time on hand… And there is a lot again that one can mar, sitting at home.. with time on hand.

Two sides of the same old coin! Depending on which side you are on, this pandemic, can bring out the best or worst in you!

“There are a lot of people turning inward. What skillset do I have? What can I control? I can sew a mask, let me sew a lot of masks for other people or I can make food and distribute that,” says Dr. Ehrenreich-May. (Ph.D. Department of Psychology at the University of Miami)

To delve a tad bit deeper into philosophy, there are a lot more people who are chattering away at their computer screens spreading awareness, life skills or just plain happiness.

You never know whose experience changes or adds a fragment to your thoughts. With time at leisure, being “stuck” at home doesn’t really feel bounded anymore.. It actually helps the skin heal as less pollution hits, it gives more time to invest in hobbies you’ve never been able to explore.. It keeps you away from meaningless gossip.

An intelligent mind will share ideas and speak of possibilities. It will draw you to itself with its facts and theoretical knowledge so you can build on your thoughts and reach upto your full potential. The mediocre mind will pull you into conversations on things and on the value of materialistic pleasures. It will speak of brands and logos and put your mind into a whirlpool of want, desire and frustration at not being able to reach it! And this isn’t concluding.. there is more.. When you hear a mind that discusses people, that analyses them.. it is a red alert for you to disengage, for the only minds that speak of people are the ones that have no mind at all!

People the world over have used this time to bring out a part of themselves that they never knew existed. And I hope the people you surround yourself with are on the right side of the coin!



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