The wise old man & the sea – chapter 7

What is it about water that brings about a sense of calm? What is it about the soft grainy white sand that leaves a feeling of contentment?

Once upon a time, the old man sat out on his porch and glanced upwards. The dark nimbus clouds seemed to have a conversation of sorts with each other. Nature sure has her way with words, but then don’t all women too?

He smiled as he saw her approaching him with two flute glasses. She looked so beautiful in her floral violet dress. The winds were playing a little game of truth and dare with her hair, urging them to take sides.

“What are we celebrating today?” he asked her as she plonked straight on his lap. His wife of 11 years. His partner of 15. His friend of 19.

“A wise old man who lived on the beach once told me that you never need a day to celebrate. All you need is a person. Where I was focussed on the beauty of the journey and at arriving at the destination, he had swooshed me up on my feet and shown me what I had been missing all along. If you stay determined, you will enjoy the path and reach your goal.. But what after? Are you going to remember the scenic visuals or the rocky twists of the road.. or will you remember the person that walked with you on them?”

The old man laughed as they clinked their glasses and she continued, “I am where I want to be. Honestly, the only things I can recall are the ones we did to arrive here. And that, my dear is Q.E.D.”

The sound of thunder roared across the sky, a sharp bright ray of lightening followed seconds later, illuminating the dark sea.

“You think those two nimbus clouds are sharing their last kiss before they burst?”

“I have always seen the clouds as a sign. It amuses me till date to decipher meaning from their varied shapes and forms. And believe you me, it has always worked. On days that I have felt like giving up, I see the tinge of silver edging a cloud. At times when I feel jubilant, I see the soft fluffy ones bobbing away.”

The man looked at his wife and smiled. “It is never about the things around that you see. It is about the connection you feel. Very oft, we get lost between the journey and destination. Sometimes you end up choosing another path and the goal changes drastically. It could be an impulsive decision or one made with thought.. but as you walk.. things change. The gait changes too.. may be a little skip and jump to begin with that turns into a run. It may be a measured walk that converts into a slow dance.

“In the end, the only thing that remains, is that hand that is entwined with yours.” Both said in unison and smiled.

Life is perhaps one of the greatest temptations there is. For it never gives up on trying to woo you. Even when you have it all, it  brings to surface yet another image that entices you and challenges you to step a little further to the road less known…

Of all the ‘W’s’ in the English language, the one that tops is the WHO. That alone defines the calm and the contentment that the rest of life will offer.

The wife smiled at her man and took out a little fortune cookie. He arched his eyebrow and laughed. “Really?”

“Yes, really. You should give it a try too.”

He cracked it open and rolled his eyes animatedly. ‘The day I met you, I lost focus of the destination for I had already arrived, the day I met you.’

He held her hand and kissed her palms gently. The clouds had burst and their last kiss was sprayed across the ground. They looked at each other and got up knowingly, as they walked into the storm – for a taste of their own kiss.

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  1. That was great Puja! First time I actually read your article. Well thought out and written. Keep it going

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