Old fashioned family time..

With the current pandemic caused by Corona, one thing is certain.. it took a virus to tell people the world over, to focus on family. To focus on quality time at home, doing things that go beyond a classroom or office.

Did we really need something so deadly to quarantine us in our own homes?

Did we need something so fatally contagious to show us the perils of excessive socialising?

Maybe.. just maybe this is a wake up call to each and everyone of us to slow down and focus on the greatest treasures we have in our relationships. With countries on lockdown, closed borders and dipping markets, the one silver lining in this whole dark cloud, shadowing our earth, is old fashioned family time.

There is one universal language the world is speaking, a unified combined effort the scientists are making, a relentless endeavour governments are enforcing .. and all directed at one enemy. A war wherein the whole world are allies for each other and have put forth their best to bring down one.

If in our relationships, we did the same, how beautiful would life be, wouldn’t it? Think about the last time you made an impromptu visit to your parents or took them out someplace just because you wanted to.. no special reason. How about the time when you surprised your child by turning up at their Musical performance or karate demo by turning down a social obligation.. Imagine the look on your partner’s face when you picked them up from work early just because you wanted to take a long drive…

There is one word, which is grossly underrated and undermined that has the power to surpass it all. There is one emotion, which if felt from the heart.. has the capacity to overcome the worst of circumstance. There is just one word that can either make or break your relationships and that is love!

Often misunderstood as a physical need or a social security, loving another unconditionally gives you the strength to overcome anything that life throws your way. No matter how hard or overbearing it may be, if you have a pair of hands to hold you close, the most trying times can pass by, without shaking the ground beneath your feet.

Being in isolation with the people that make your core, can be a very enriching experience.. should you be able to make the most of it. It is like a forced holiday thrown your way or better still, as my 12 year old suggested.. ‘Its like being in a reality show wherein we are given a few products at the beginning. We have to use these and come up with the most innovative idea at the end of the term.’

For all the memes on social media that highlight the agony of being home… how about you sit back and disconnect first.. And then look around to see the little things that you have been missing. Did your wife get a few extra strands of grey? Did you develop a sudden interest in whipping up a storm in the kitchen? Did you notice the topic of conversation at your dining table, shift from people talk to current affairs? Did you recall your moment of winning when you polished an old trophy?

Life will not give you a second chance a second time. It is as fragile as a second, in time. Gone.. before you can even blink! Everyone that you meet in life has been destined for your path.. as a lesson or as a blessing.. Everything that happens to you does so… as a season or as a reason. So, if Corona came into our life.. it may be to teach us the value of people over things. It may be to show us that NOW is all we get. Either you live it or let it pass you by.

Enough has been said of HER and enough is being done for HER. How about we sit out this Sunday and open a pint of Corona.. just to tell HER that we have the love to overcome, all that SHE throws our way!!



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