Think… different –

An Unconventional Mindset is an asset to have. Firstly, it does not conform to any society driven rules. Secondly, it helps you see light in every situation.

 I vividly remember a Ghazal evening at a friend’s place wherein he had mentioned that the only way to enjoy these classics were if you had been heartbroken, if you had ever loved or if.. if.. you had thoughts that surpassed every syllable in the word -N.O.R.M.A.L.

In a nutshell, he meant that you had to have a mind that would allow for the freedom of expression, in every and each way. (And yes, I am being rather diplomatic here with my choice of words.:))

There is a very popular news anchor who virtually ripped apart the POTUS on his recent visit to India. From facial expressions to indecent jibes, he bared it all – on international television. Needless to say that his video went viral within minutes and allowed for a little bit of humor in the lives of all those who got a chance to see it. Ofcourse, even the Republicans had a hearty laugh.

Being able to laugh at your own self, being able to pick yourself up when you fall, being able to have your mind see the light side in every situation takes a lot from you. Things happen.. as they do, all the time. And I fiercely believe in the laws of attraction! You have to accept that there is some force out there to reckon with, one that you cannot see but can feel. And this feeling is what the mind senses before it choses to react. Worry will always give back stress and fatigue. Positivity will churn around joyfulness and gaiety.

So what is a beautiful mind really? And how does one get that?

There is no secret ingredient or formula that you can zap yourself with. Like relationships, the mind too follows a constant work in progress path. It has the ability to be malleable in any mould you desire and the beauty of it is, that it keeps changing form. It experiences a transition of emotions within minutes and lets you identify the ones you want to hold on to… Now.. here is where the trick lies…

To open your mind, it has to declutter first. Keep the things there that are relevant and of importance to you. Keep the things there, that add a smile to your face at the mere memory. Cherish the moments that it helps surface in its thoughts. For these are the ones that will help you look at your circle of life with a vision that helps them nurture and grow.

If you choose to make your mind an expression of your joy versus putting it on a journey for the pursuit of happiness, you will find yourself laughing a lot more and worrying a lot less. There is no right way or wrong way. The only way is the one that brings out the best you’ve got.

There are age old jokes that the Englishmen share which highlight the fact that an unconventional mindset indeed allows for experiencing life’s real treasures. There is no finite way to live life for each of us have our own trials by fire. But there is a sure way to ensure that as these tribulations pass us by, they leave us happier and stronger.

It is beautiful when you find someone that is in love with your mind; someone that wants to watch you, take down all the walls you have built around you. Its beautiful when you have someone that understands you have a mind and are freely allowed to use it as per your own discretion.

A beautiful mind is one that breaks away from its shackles and  sets you free to be the person you have always wanted to be. And.. always remember that a beautiful mind only sets the stage for a sexy imagination.. 🙂

So, go on and twist the thoughts inside of you.. Laugh a little.. Let go a lot and don’t worry..

Que cera cera whatever will be will be!



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