Words are all I have..

Hello! And a very Happy New year from us at Random Conversations. I say us for its you, me and everyone who is a part of this blog page that help add cheer to life! It’s the words we share that truly prove that the pen is mightier than the sword!

A word – spoken or written has the power to connect or disconnect the closest of us all. It can lift you up or push you down at its mere utterance. So, would it be correct if I said that the Best way to begin the year is by using words that add value to each other?

A new year doesn’t imply a new you. It only suggests a few alterations to the mould you are in. Its fairly similar to buying clothes actually. You get one that fits and as time goes by, you either add the inches or lose them. And with a little tuck here and a little nip there, Voila!! Your purchase is as good as new.

If you hear words around you that are calm and pleasing, that’s how your mind will attune itself to be and if you are in a constant battle with words, the more restless and angrier you, will surface. In this circle of life, it is imperative that you breathe, while you still have breath, that you feel all there is feel and that you love, while you still have love. And this, can only happen if you use words that make you fall in love with you, first.

The Twenties –  are A Tumultuous Way to Enrich The Intense Exuberant Spirit… of mind and body. It paves the way forward one way or the other for everyone. There are always signs and signals you get and if you’re observant enough, you could grab them as they passed you by. Ofcourse, like Time, they don’t wait or pause. They keep moving.

It could be a movie dialog that makes you sit up and take notice, or a random handshake with a stranger on the street. It could be something that comes your way unexpectedly and makes you exclaim in excitement! Or it could be a conversation that has the exact outcome you have been envisioning.. Words somehow find their way into your life as a sign, spoken or written! 🙂 The idea here is to acknowledge it.

I’ll share a small sign I took to be my calling. I was at a business meeting in another city and was looking for the building I was to be in. It was an 80 storied skyscraper and the office was on the 46th floor. I rode up in the glass elevator catching a glimpse of the city from the top. As I stepped out onto the floor, the Consulate of Seychelles glared straight at me. For a minute, I froze for having a home in the exotic island was part of a dream that was keeping me up for the past 6 months. Out of the blue, this place came and even stranger was standing in front of the Consulate! I have no clue about the when and how for that’s not part of my job profile 🙂 But I did get a kick out of it and it sure did add inches to my smile.

From the very first Hello, words add the value to every relationship. Its humane to get angry but that doesn’t mean you spew out venom. For you do realise that by doing so, you are actually equating your own self as the reptile that does.

How about beginning this decade with a lot more laughter? How about meeting someone you haven’t met in ages or calling one that you’ve been missing? How about using words that leave a part of you, with everyone you’ve interacted with?

I love New Year’s Day for it gives us all a chance to reinvent ourselves; metaphorically ofcourse!! I’d like to begin my twenties exactly the way I lived them decades ago – Carefree, Non Judgemental and Alive! Too much of the past year was spent on drained emotions and stress ulcers.

And with the Twenties ushering in – I wish you all the pink of health. I wish you all wisdom for making orange marmalade out of the lemons, life throws your way. I wish you all signs that are grabbed to enable every and each dream come true, however wild or mild!  I wish you all companions/family/friends that use their power of words to lift you higher.. For everyone deserves to be on top of the world, each and every day.

And yes, in the end, words are all I have to take minutes of your time away.



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