The season “For giving!!” – the end of the teens!

The last month of the year…. Man! This one literally outbeat the speed of sound twice over.. I’m referring to the Concorde here at 2179 kmph. (Its always nice to learn a little something, each day :))

Its been fast and its been furious, taking with it the rumbles, the brica bracks and aimless accusations. And what its left behind.. for me to carry forward are deep rooted understanding, friendship and love. And I wouldn’t have it any other way..

Actually, on second thoughts.. maybe a tad bit different 🙂

Everything happens for a reason and it ain’t necessary to always know why. Sometimes its comforting to go along and see how things pan out, if left to themselves. At the end of something, there is always a little sadness that its over but at the same time, there is a sense of euphoria for the times ahead. Its this little nagging thought at the back of the mind that whispers – “Nothing lasts forever.. Stop to pluck out the thorns but Keep walking.”

 The past does not define you nor does it predict the person you will be today or tomorrow. That to me, is the most beautiful part of being human. We are capable of change at every instance. What is gone is over and is never going to resurface in the same way.

December brings with it a season of hope, festivity and joy. It brings with it a season for giving and forgiving! The spirit of Christmas touches everyone in a unique manner and even the Scrooge’st of them all find a reason to smile. When you give, give a little of your time for that is an invaluable part of your life that will never come back. Moreover, time is a luxury not too many people can afford to give. Spread a little cheer.. Walk the extra mile… kiss under a mistletoe… Just because..

Forgiving doesn’t need a season.. It needs maturity to understand that someone else may be dealing with their own inner demons, which turns them into demonic beings. It is about changing the story you keep telling your head. Turn the page, move over the chapter. There are only as many pages in a book as a number and that is finite.

How your mind perceives people says a lot about you. Everyone has a bit of the halo as well the horns and that is how we are all designed. When you can look for the good, you attune your mind to bring out the good in you too. When you talk about people, you are giving them more importance than your own happiness. When you talk of places, you are instilling a vision of desire in your mind.. so needless to say, when you talk of forgiveness, the best gift you can give yourself at the end of this year, is to smile and let it go! That is the only way to get closure and move on. Thereafter nothing about it fazes you in any way.

I love Christmas for the togetherness it brings – The mulled wine, plum cake and cheer add to its spirit. The nip in the air makes you want to sit by the fireplace and cuddle. The candy cane and ornaments wait patiently to be hung on the tree. The local radio channel plays carols sung by little children. It is indeed a season of blessings.

And, In this, if you are in a constant state of war with yourself, there is no way you can be happy.

Just then, a song comes up on the FM, which has the man of my house and our children look at me and lip sync:

“Our miracle is five foot five
No doubt in our mind
She’s the reason we are alive
We weren’t  always spiritual
Oh but one thing’s for sure
How could we not have faith in the God that created her?”

This to me, is undoubtedly the most beautiful part of the year gone by. The incorrigible teens are finally over. And The Twenties always bring about a sense of wisdom, independence and charged up drives! It gives incentive to cherish and love the little moments that turn out to be the biggest ones in the end. It’s a beautiful song by Paisley, one of my favourites. But more than that, its having the core of life around. Its precious and its real. To forgive or not, is a choice you make for your own self. It is to give you peace of mind to focus on what adds the inches to your smile.

As you read your last Random Conversation for Twenty Nineteen, I hope the past year has given you reason to make this season one of happiness, forgiveness and gratitude.

And, In the end, as the clock strikes midnight, I hope you have no remorse on the could have or should have. Actually I hope its given you reason to say, “Holy Mother of God! That was one crazy nineteen!!!”

I’m looking to begin Twenty Twenty with indescribable feelings, unbelievable sights and red letter moments, every and each day.

Care to join in?

Wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.



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