Of flirty analogies!!

The magic of a diamond lies in the little cuts within the stone. These intricate etchings—called facets—act like prisms to refract light, bouncing the beams throughout the stone to create those flashes and sparkles that make diamonds so stunning. Each facet is cut perfectly and precisely and the art of the cut can increase the value of the diamond considerably.

And no, this isn’t a class on the beauty of a diamond. 🙂 It is your very own Random Conversations! I have an analogy for pretty much everything.

“Ask me about it,” chirps in my man and continues, ”You look at a potato and the eyes on it remind you of imperfections. You look at chocolate chip cookies and your mind wanders into the bumps in a relationship that can be melted with warmth.. Hell, you look at satin and become a version of Satan!

Not that I’m complaining!” he is quick to add!

Please excuse the coquettishness, but this is as raw as we are. Akin to a rough diamond that miners toil and labour over for months on end, any relationship that craves to be a sparkle undergoes its fair share of misunderstandings. Its what makes it real. To be able to converse without a filter (yes, when I see the coffee filter… you guessed right :)) Once again, to be able to converse without a filer requires a deep understanding of the other person in your life AND, I am seriously hoping its not people. It only takes two to tango, believe me.. and jive and do the waltz!

Referring back to the age old diamond, all relationships are faceted. There is no standard rule book to guide. Its one that each person figures out for themselves, along the way. What I can say is that instead of trying to remove the facets, which is impossible as they are embedded, what if you find your very own quirky take on it? Light passes through the facet and creates a sparkle.. so if you remove the facet, where is the shine and glimmer going to come from? It is from this very facet that the sheer brilliance of the stone comes and the value increases.

We are but human. We come with a set of characteristic flaws, which over time and constant nurturing changes into flairs! I am kinda enjoying the poetic me! 🙂

Coming back to analogies… I am going to deviate into my favourite word yet again – PERCEPTION! It is your own mind that you can play a game with, positive or negative. Hypothetically speaking, your brain beeps red… Is that a warning you wonder, or is it just telling you to be more passionate?? Its how you look at it that makes all the difference in life. A happy person would say passion and someone who is dealing with their own demons would say warning..

When you compare two diverse things, you can see a funny side to it. Like an analogy I read by Winston Churchill which said as such – “A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.”

So, the long and short of it is that both have their own advantages, based on how you look at it. A man and a woman are not from Mars and Venus but from galaxies apart! All you need is a one finger connection, just like the little Extra Terrestrial in the 1982 hollywood blockbuster.

Speaking of fingers… I am reminded of the very first time I held my daughter’s little palm.

Palm to me takes me to an exotic beach in the Maldives..

And that in turn takes me down a trip down memory lane of my very first…..

I’ll leave that one for you to fill in. And while you do that, find your own similarities and see the length of your smile grow. The facets are needed, so your light can pass through and sprinkle that little glitter. You may be the light in each other’s lives.. but you still need the facet to let the brilliance shine!

Until next Sunday … Cheers!

BTW:- the first was my first family holiday. 🙂

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