A dash of colour…

Its amazing how a little play with colours can brighten up your day, isn’t it? Its even more intriguing to know that a colour has the innate power to change your mood instantly. A non verbal art of communication so to speak! Says a lot, without saying anything at all.

Newton first discovered that, when pure white light passed through a prism, it separated into all the known colours and these colours did not separate further into any other colour. (Taking you back into grade 7 physics here for a moment :)) So, with this experiment, I’d fairly assume that we human beings were also one embryo which transformed into shades of colour and gender as we passed through the water sac!

And after, we didn’t turn into anything else, unless there was surgical invasion, by choice.

Colours have their way in every relationship, most of which begin with yellow. There are standard definitions attached to every colour but there are unique individualistic emotions that surface, which could vary amongst you and me. Grey may make me happy and you complacent, yellow makes me think of daisies and you a lemon tart!

“That calls for a game now, darling wife. Wanna play?”

I’m always up for games, especially the ones that guarantee laughs and giggles. Anything shared between two people in a relationship can only get stronger and deeper over time, so play it is!!

The rules of this game are simple. It’s an association that you have with a colour and the fun is in knowing that no matter how many years you have been together, there is always something new to learn about one another! (Wow! That rhymes.. maybe I should attempt poetry too!)

I begin.. its ladies first, after all. ‘Turquoise,’ I say.

 “Is that blue or green?”

I look at my man amused, “Really?”

“Say a colour please, not some complicated shade that’s a mix of two or more. I like it simple. So, is it blue or green?”

I still say nothing and he relents and says, “sea”

“Copper and Aluminium,” I chirp in…

He argues that he was right in assuming it was a mix and gives himself a score! On his turn, he opts for orange.

Marriage is my answer.

Juicy is his.

As we play, I can’t help but share the following, and I don’t think I even need to specify which answer is mine 🙂

Green: spirituality – grass

Pink: friendship – blush

Red: love – lust

Purple: passion – fun

Blue: sapphire – water

Silver: experience – cloud lining

Not even one that matches! 🙂 Men and women are created different and if you can understand this difference, you will realise that relationships are the simplest and most beautiful bonds there are. I’ve matured to realise how carelessly we look for the colour outside when really… it is all within. You cannot be forced to feel the same feeling as one another, for perceptions vary but if you are gracious enough to accept that your differences are what make for an interesting conversation, life will get more entertaining!

I have an interruption as the man gets up to announce, “I am all for niceties. But, I love and appreciate a healthy dose of naughtiness in everything I do and everywhere I go as well. You need some sugar sweethearts as well as some total nuts to make your life a real party.” 

And then he goes onto giving a bow and smirks as he walks off towards the back porch!

We call ourselves ‘work in progress.’ Each day, we learn a little something and share a little something. Our canvas is one that we continuously chose to add shades and motifs too, depending on our moods… So, go on ahead and play a little with the strokes, of the canvas I mean!!!

 Keep changing the layout to one that guarantees a sense of satisfaction within you, each and every day. A dash of colour is all you really need!

Have a great Sunday!



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