Connect the dots

You only realise the value of a moment when it becomes a memory. You only understand why things happen after they have. You only value the timing of a blessing when you are most lost.

I met a really old friend recently. He is heavily into his twilight years and as we sat on his terrace, one rainy Mumbai evening, we had one of the most interesting conversations ever!

“You know, I’m going to have one regret leaving this Earth,”

I look sideways at him and question impishly, “Just one?”

“I’ve spent my whole life looking forward. I believed in forgetting the past and moved on.. but the truth is.. its fragments of the past that have shaped my today and will, my tomorrow as well. I’ve never been the deep meaningful variety but if I look back now.. everything fits in.

Things happen in life. Some good and some better.. and some perhaps, a little below good. It’s what you take out of them and try and fit into your puzzle. Although, you may feel that they are fitting in, you realize in due course of time that all you had, were a jumble of pieces, not meant for your puzzle at all.

It’s very important in life to find what you love – in work and in relationships. It really ain’t fair to the Man/woman up in the skies if you settle for mediocre for you weren’t created for mediocrity. So, the greatest secret of life is to keep searching, to keep looking.. to be on a constant treasure hunt until… until you find it.”

“And how would you know when you do?” I asked intrigued.

I get the biggest smile and he says… “Your heart will tell you. Learn to listen to it. For all that people say about the consistent banter between the brain and the heart… go for the heart, for it will never let you down. All the little dots and dashes will add up in the end, if only you are patient and if only you believe.”

If you live each day as if it were your last.. one day it most certainly will be. There are only so many trips around the sun you will make. So find your purpose. Find the things that will make you sit back  –

“the way you are with me and go AAAAHHH. This is life, my dear. I’ve worked all my life and made a name for myself but you know that was never my happy place. It was just something I did as I had to. My greatest regret will be that I never followed my heart.”

There were a lot of questions in my mind but I also knew I wouldn’t get them answered.

But then again… I didn’t really need them answered. There comes a time in life when you just know. Things happen for a reason but its not necessary to question every one of them. It will all make sense at some point so why not let loose a bit and let life happen. You can’t control what happens to you but you sure as hell can channel your attitude towards it.

Follow your arrow.. for to go that straight line, it has to be pulled back a bit, shown direction and then left to find its way. Step out and look at the wider picture.. and maybe then, it will all be clear.

Finding your passion is one of life’s greatest gifts. Not everyone finds it but then again, not everyone has the courage to even look. It could be right around you but if you never took the chance.. you never would know what makes you truly happy.

Whether it’s a dot or a dash, it will end up somewhere along your journey. So walk it if it makes you happy.. walk it if each step has a spring to it. Only and only then, will you truly realise your own potential.

You can spend your whole life living someone or the other’s expectation of you, which in the end will always be less than what they expect anyway.  Or… you can chose to follow your arrow and let the dots connect!



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  1. Its beautifully written i am so proud of you and i am proud to be a part of your journey lots of love

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