An act of kindness…

I was at a school fair recently, wherein a chart at the entrance caught my eye. There was a picture of a little boy fishing with his father. The caption below read as such –

‘Son, what do you want to be when you grow up?’

‘Kind,’ answered the boy.

At an age where every child can be who they want to be, this young lad asks to be kind! It is what he sees around him that makes him happy to be – just kind. The world that his family and friends have created is one where he finds his joy. Its not by the experience of others but by his own observation of people around him, that make him want to be like them.

What is kindness? Why is it necessary to emphasise on a word that should be an innate part of everyone’s nature? Why does social media share every act of nicety that normal people engage in?

If the intention is correct, a random act of kindness can add the WOW to your day and to another’s simultaneously. It could be something as basic as messaging someone who never expected to hear from you or spending time with a distant relative. The joy you can give another by one small gesture feels like a moment of epiphany in your own life. It’s a rebound effect – sort of like the boomerang. It feels like what you give out to the Universe, comes back to you. So be sure what you want to receive for what you give is what you will get. Your own attitude and actions reflect and come back to face you.

Its very easy in life to point blame, to pull someone down or to disregard another’s achievements. Its an instant gratification of revenge and results show. Bad titillates and excites. It gives you reason to gossip and not converse. Goodness seems angelic and boring, and ofcourse the results take forever to show. It often frustrates and leaves you in a state of helplessness. But when it does surface… 🙂 It feels like you’ve been personally served by the Grand Universe!

It takes a lot of persistence and brings me to my delectable threesome of faith, trust and love. Kindness is often taken as naivety or a symbol of weakness but if you really ask me, it takes a lot of courage to be kind without reason. It is a vital interpersonal skill to hone.

“Speaking of interpersonal skills, I also believe that an act of kindness should begin at home, my dear. It should be about the quality and quantity of time that you spend with us mere mortals. But alas, it seems like the 15 inch macbook pro seems to be more needy. (And I get a huge dramatic sigh in the middle) I can wait and while I am, you should know that a loving hug to the man who shares your home, can also be a random act of kindness!! And this one will rebound faster.”

Its not difficult to break into a giggle at the old man’s background banter. And I have to force myself to focus. But he does have a point. He did his act so causally and added humor to my day, just like that! I already know that the rest of the hours are going to whisk by, at the thought of his theatrical ability.

Kindness is contagious, if done for the sheer joy of doing it. Feel good about doing something for another, out of the blue. It may or may not be reciprocated but you’ve had fun so it makes it very worthwhile. Everything you say or do can make a difference so why hold yourself back. Go on and put that little note in your partner’s lunch box.. get flowers for your neighbour – just because, drive a few extra miles so you can drop in and say hello to an old aunt. Do a little something that adds a little more value to your day.

And yes, I would strongly suggest you begin at home. 🙂 Don’t want you to have a Broadway audition happening every other day now, or do you? It’s the little things you do, that add up in the end… to the priceless thrilling magic found only in  –

“my best friend.” I get a hug and also get to give one back. Its moments like these that add the warm fuzz to any day. An act of kindness, however small is guaranteed to make you want to be a better version of your own self, every and each day.

The phone beeps of an incoming message:- Just wanted to say, I love you. //

It feels so good to be loved and cared for, doesn’t it? How about going the one extra mile, just for today – everyday.



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