A deep thought…

Wisdom comes with experience, not age.

Humour comes with mindset, not circumstance.

Relationships work because of resilience.

People cross your path for they have something to take or give you, emotionally or physically.

There are lots of permutations and combinations as to why “Life happens!” And, it is in these that you find your growth. I’ve come across many a people, the most absurd of circumstances and an abundance of moments in my past four decades. In their own way, they have all collectively shaped me as a person and have given my mind a perception most would aspire for. (Not on a self high here, if you may) Simply stating that a mind is very malleable and it doesn’t take a lot, to have it conform to the way you want to be. The word to take note of here is “want.”

It isn’t everyday that you get to speak to people who are accomplished in every way.. And, who turn around and make you feel as though you’re the one! Full praise on Genuity, ofcourse. It isn’t everyday that you make friends with people who have copious amounts of encouragement and a clean slate to offer.

Write what you want and it shall be done! The word here, once again is – 🙂 W.A.N.T.

So, in this circle of life, there are people out there who want to know you for you, not for the paraphernalia that surrounds! There are people who will walk the extra mile just so they can make you feel a little more alive today, than you did yesterday. I’ve had some interesting conversations with people, on people. The human mind is absolutely brilliant, designed to simplify or complicate life just by its own thoughts. And before these thoughts consume, we turn to people we trust to ensure we don’t lose our balance and fall. There is a quote I find very apt to use here – Don’t accept criticism from someone you wouldn’t go to for advice!

People fascinate, in more ways than one. Its in a storm that a sailor realises his truest potential. Likewise.. its in adversity that you look around for the ring that surrounds you. Its sort of like a moment of reckoning, wherein you are face to face with reality. And in that one flash, it hits you like a bolt of lightning! And all that surfaces on your face is a smile.. Aah! This is what distinguishes a man from a boy.

Sometimes, there are people who come out of nowhere and end up being a part of your life, just like that. A chance meeting that goes beyond and changes into a meaningful one! If you knew everything that was going to happen and planned today accordingly, it would get a tad on the boring side, eh? There would be no room for any surprises. There would be no moments that took your breath away, suddenly… for u already knew!

Life is best taken – as it comes. Needless to say that I’ve had a chance encounter with some who have added a sure shot of spirit to the mind and a new zeal to the body. An emotional and physical recharge!

I am now beginning to feel as though I have the North Star itself leading me. Life seems to be on an adrenaline rush and each day has moments of, “What, really?” It was only a matter of letting life happen.. of leaving things to chance.. and it took me over four decades to realise that!

Perhaps, this is why they say – experience maketh a man. Age only adds the wrinkles and the grey.

“So is it safe to assume that we should chill the champagne now, my dearest? Because with every self realisation, I also get a whole new part of my old woman back?”

🙂 I did notice the opposite connotation but shall let it pass for now. Life and all the people that make yours are the ones you ‘want.’ At the onset of this flirty decade, I’ve realised that life has to be given a chance to just happen. Nothing preplanned, nothing pre-empted. Let people come and go, and see who adds the extra inch to your smile.. see whose one word lifts you high.. see whose arms are lying open to catch your fall!

The real beauty in this journey is about the chance encounters that turn out to be the most special ones. So sit back and sip on that chilled bubbly. If you want it to be, It will.

Joel Osteen once said, “Bottom line: God will not allow any person to keep you from your destiny. They may be bigger, stronger, or more powerful, but God knows how to shift things around and get you to where you’re supposed to be.”



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