I believe in love. I also believe in all the paraphernalia that surrounds it. Add to that, the openness of sharing the most absurd of details, the craziest of dreams and the hidden deep rooted desires! It could be anything, really.

The same perception towards life is the reason you should reach out for a partner in the first place. The exact same morals and values and the madness quotient, all need to be on a similar plane. Can’t have one thinking Fancy Dancy London and the other dreaming about a trip to the Kilimanjaro now, can you?

“Well, actually you could. Absence does make the heart grow fonder and wander.. and a little wandering did no one no harm dear!”

Given my current disposition, I decide to play along, cheekily. “I would have to agree with you. There is a reason why Men are from Mars in the first place!”

A recent book I am in the midst of has a hilarious take on people – Men and Women both. It takes the help of astrology to come up with a somewhat logical definition of ‘Why Men are from Mars and Women from Venus.’

As ancient myth would have it, Mars as a planet depicts qualities like Stubbornness, hardship, work, pride, adventure, gamble, dominance..

And Venus comes with passion, love, articulation, sensuality, compassion, compromise and colour.

“And because its very hot,” comes a perky statement! “In Venus I mean. Can’t control the wandering mind now, can I?”

The compatibility in any relationship depends on each person’s unique perspective. Once again, we are back to looking outwards in the same direction. Its something that is seriously overlooked and undermined but to me, it is a deal breaker or maker! There has to be some form of semblance in both partners to make a great union and marriage isn’t one! You don’t want an outward appearance of normalcy when the reality is totally different, do you?

I’ve met a lot of people in this journey of life and it amazes me each time to have a conversation which has… Oh! I can share everything, but… Oh! we know each other in and out, but.. 🙂 Q.E.D

But like every optimist who sees the silver streaks in the grey, I also know of others in life who have a totally different take. Their perceptions and communication skills are an asset to have in every situation.

Actions sure speak louder than words and in this one case, I simply have to point out a friend’s take on her husband of over 15 years. It’s a great relationship they have as they live as best friends – with benefits, ofcourse!! 🙂

“He travels often and in his travels, I’ve never once asked if he has met anyone or had a drink or even left his guard down. So, this one time he comes home and is unnaturally cheery. Believe me, I was very tempted.. Every vein inside of me was pulsing to know the ‘Why’ So I casually asked if he had a good trip, like I always do. Nothing extra, lest I give away my bulging nerves! To my surprise, he turns around and says, “Which part of the planetary system are you from? I love your level of confidence in me. I went out this time and had a few drinks with another, and you turn around and text, ‘ooooh! Awesome. Was it fun?’ as opposed to the regular brick a brac the rest of the men undergo. Your wiring is rather strange!”

The look on my friend’s face while she was narrating animatedly, had me in splits. I mean, the husband’s perplexity was that she doesn’t react in the way, he had perhaps expected!

No matter how much you wander around, in the end.. it is all about the chemistry that you share with your partner. Its about perceptions and outlooks towards life that make for a really strong commitment. Trust, Faith and Love are all you need to fulfil your every want.

Go back to the basics and shake hands as you ask, ‘Friends?’ That is the only start you need to a great relationship!



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