Have you ever woken up in the morning with a knowing smile? Sort of like you just know something is going to stir around you. Nothing normal. Nothing mundane. I swear I ain’t going to exaggerate on this one, but it is how each day of life is for me, this side of 40!!

Whoever said “Life begins at 40,” sure as hell meant each and every syllable there!!! Life not only begins.. It takes leaps and bounds as though its in a race for time. It shakes you up, literally till you are forced to notice the changes its bringing. With all its varying shades and sizes, this fourth decade is turning out to be one of the most consequential ones till date. And I am just three quarters of a year into it!! 🙂

Ofcourse it’s a beautiful day.. the birds are chirping, the wind is blowing a gentle breeze… The roses are blooming and the little black bird is still building its nest on the tree. In the kitchen, the water is at the right temperature for my daily dose of caffeine…

Sometimes its nice to just take the moment in. The mind is an absolute blank. The smell of freshly brewed coffee wafts its way through the calm and peace. Its fascinating to just be. There is no rush nor any agitation. The walls of the house seem to be having a conversation amongst themselves… though I must add here that they guard the stories and the memories fiercely. It’s a home that is lived in. It’s a place where laughter and tears, both are shared. It’s got rooms, abundant with moments – past and present and its got liveliness in the form of everlasting conversation!

I am sure you would agree on the importance of conversation to life. Are random conversations really random or do they go a whole lot deeper? I’ve always believed that words are the most powerful tools for any relationship. It’s what is said and how. It’s the content and the tone. And what is most enigmatic, is the minute words are replaced with silence, everything around crumbles, one at a time, akin to a stack of dominoes.

The best part of aging is the essence of ‘knowing’, that comes with it. Ofcourse, the smile just gets wider. You understand expressions and respect moods. You learn that time spent with the ones you love, makes for the most meaningful of them all. You grow together, a little each day. You finally find yourself slowing down to take it all in, just for Today.

Waking upto life is a gift to be cherished, not taken for granted. It is the smallest of gestures that build a secure relationship and keep you wanting for more, with each other ofcourse! 🙂

All of us have our own quirky ways of keeping the flame alive and I believe that a little reiteration of your love, every day can only add to the brightness of the fire. Say exactly as you mean it. Do exactly as you feel it. There is no room for pretense or games. Very rarely in life do you find yourself at a place wherein you are comfortable being you, inside out. So, if Today you have arrived there, sit back and bask in the sunshine you have helped create.

Conversations, however random they may be, keep you connected beyond a grassroot level. No matter how easy or tough it may be, keep the words flowing. Trust, Faith and Love make a relationship and the beauty of this threesome is that it just doesn’t give up!! It meanders its way through rough paths and glides steadily over the smooth.

Each day, something stirs to signal a new affirmation. Each day, something happens to point you in the right direction. Each day makes it all the more worthwhile – when you know that you have the door to communication always open.

So, just for Today.. have that random conversation!



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