The Ice bucket challenge….

As you age in life, the spots set in, the grey’s increase and the skin gets wrinkly. Now, either you could fret, fume and get into salons and parlor’s to help deter the process (it will come by eventually though.. 🙂 ) or you can sit around with friends and bask in the knowing, that you all are mature enough to deal with life, the way it plays its cards!!

Aah! Maturity.. It’s a word most associate with age. But in actuality, it goes a lot deeper. It is the ability to hold your ground when the earth tremors. No matter where the epicenter lies, there will be cracks along the way, until it reaches its supposed end. That’s when the tremors stop and you get up and look at the devastation caused all around. Its not easy to take it all in but it wasn’t a choice in the first place, was it??

Once again, its your own perception towards life that will bail you out of it. You can curse and look at all your losses.. Or you can pick up the pieces.. and the unopened can of beer that rolled down to touch your feet and take a gulp!! Instant energy. 🙂

Its when times are tough that you truly realise who your 4 am Rock is. It will be someone that will stand by you when you are right and fight the world with you. And in the same breath, it will also be someone who will find your fault and say, ‘Breathe. Its ok. We are in this together but you are wrong.’

The latter is the most important Rock support you could ever have. It is the one person in your life that will have you make the right decisions; however tough they may be.

“That is why I value our relationship, my dear wife. It is about being wired together in a way that brings out the best in both of us. Yes, we are human and we make mistakes. Some become more consequential than the rest but what I want you to know is that no matter how hard or tough it gets, we will get through it together. Its not about going to bed with me, but about wanting to wake up to me and that my darling, is the best gift of them all.”

Its circumstances like these that make life truly worthwhile. Its relationships like this that makes you wanna fall in love all over again. You are human, after all. You cant control what happens to you but you sure as hell as control the way you react to it. If Man can make it, Man can also break it. And Man can also drink to it!! 🙂

When people pull you down, it only goes to say that there must be something so worthwhile in you that it irates them. There must be something so charismatic in you, that they want to rip you apart. And in this, if you can keep walking and remain completely unaffected, what is to say that at some point.. you would have reached your destination – totally oblivious to the noise!!

“Confidence is being aware of everything that is being said all around you, still knowing that you will be absolutely fine, regardless of where the opinions of others fall.” The only ones that should matter are the ones that make you smile. So, do remember that a bad day is not a bad Life!!

Sit back and take the ice bucket challenge.. It does wonders to a brain that is on fire.

And hey.. if the heat still doesn’t relent, perhaps all you need is the company of your 4 am Rocks, a chiller and some hardcore spirits. (and count me in too!! 🙂 I sure could do with iceeeee!!!)

Life is way too short to spend it living someone else’s highs and lows. Live your own and bask in the new spots or greys, you discover in each other along the journey. Things happen. Period. Things also pass you by.



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  1. Hi Pooja !!Great read again.I really enjoy ur post weekly which very rarely i read on sunday (this is a multitasking holiday)…usually its monday or tuesday that i read while travelling to work .Ur life observations and expressions are so relatable that its like ‘Yes this happens with us too’.I love ur style and ur writing heart n mind thoughts!!keep writing and we will keep enjoying…
    Love to u always Prity

    1. Yaaay! Thank you Prity. Writing makes it all the more worthwhile when I hear that all my readers can find a connect to it in their own lives. Its a very simple life philosophy that often gets taken for granted.. 🙂 Love you always…

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