A little thought…

“Dear 2 am,

                    We have got to stop meeting this way. I’d much rather sleep with you!”

The morning brought with it this quote. It had me in splits and yet had a powerful undercurrent to it. Imagine the power of thought!! Now, most would read it as a stressful mind that has been awake all night. As for me… 🙂 It’s the latter part of the sentence that I’d prefer to delve a little deeper in.

 Let’s just cuddle, its 2 am for, crying out loud! Thoughts, mind, words etc can wait, till its officially dawn.

And then, when the world awakes to a new day, instead of waking up to its chirpiness, what’s pulling you back to your 2 am chaotic thoughts? These little “T’s” have a knack of consuming your whole mind, should you let even a crack in the door open. Believe me, it’s all they need. And then, one after the other they enter and take control of the mind. And what controls the mind ends up controlling your life.

It is quite tumultuous to have them wandering about inside of you, for in every direction you step, they will get there before you and list out their to do list. There’s no time for you to ration their list or to even question it, for you are in a trance of sorts and will end up going with the flow!

That’s thoughts for you, by the way.

Now in this, if you only allowed them to enter at your discretion, if you only let them roam free so long as they didn’t interfere with your own reasoning, what’s stopping you from sleeping.. or should I say cuddling.. 🙂

Your thoughts can give you moments of epiphany and at the same time it can also present a valley of weeds. Akin to life, we always have a choice to make.. at every crossroad. The direction arrows are always clearly earmarked but the one you choose to walk on, is the one that determines the next crossroad.

There is something very stimulating about the human mind. It has a motley mix of emotions, fears, visions and plans.. Oh silly me!!! How could I disregard the inner voice! That one voice that contemplates, evaluates and comes up with the most absurd of interpretations to an otherwise ordinary solution. 

Aaaaah! Thoughts.

The reason why interpersonal relations are important is so you have someone to reason with you when your reasoning is overpowered by thoughts; your own or negatively fed to you. It is always the little moments that add up to the most dramatic ones in the end. Your fallback, your best friend, your soulmate, your partner.. they could be one or a combination but either way.. they’re a part of your life to ensure that thoughts don’t consume it.

Speaking of consume; the mind goes onto a totally different tangent. 🙂 There are far better things that can consume or consummate! I will refer to the adjective here as I sense a slight smirk. English language sure makes the art of conversation exciting.

“You can’t do that! I was just beginning to ponder on the word – consum……” chuckled the man of our house.

“Don’t even get there,” I replied amused.

“uuh… think.. you always said I should think outside the box! Perhaps.”

Right! I love that men use their power of thought to come up with the most absurd of excuses! Consummate was so his area of interest!!!

If you are gonna think outside the box, what you really have to do is use your imagination to visualise the one thing that will make you sit up and exclaim, ‘Holy mother of God!! Did I really think that?!!!’

Make it fun.. make it simple. Random thoughts have an insane amount of power. They can make or break you as a person, like literally. So, just as a suggestion, if I may.. spend a little time on Random Conversations instead!!!



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