Destiny’s agility…

“Nothing lasts forever, and we both know hearts can change. It’s hard to hold a candle, in the cold November Rain.”

This is a line from one of my college favourites – November Rain. Had this impulsive urge to share a thought.

There is so much happening in the world around us, every day. I wake up in the morning and before my feet hit the floor, the mind is already on tab 30 of the usual 2340. Everyday brings with it a new window and an Incognito one as well. Yea! I’m using chrome language.. windows..tabs.. the works 🙂

With change being the only constant in life, what is to say that hearts can’t. Why do you need to get into that incognito window.. What is it that you’re searching for.. and most importantly.. If you find what you’re looking for, are you ready to deviate from your aligned path to go after it or is this hide n seek, just some boring way to pass time by?

Windows – incognito or not will open up somewhere. It will show you a sight you may or may not wanna see. If you don’t like it, you get up and draw the blinds down but hey.. what if you do? What if that one chance you had of opening the window led you to a sight most would passively wish by? What if?

We are all born of free will, butt naked – like literally. That is life’s clean slate to us. Yes, we have a path but nothing is ever written in stone. And then life decides to throw a little chance in. Nothing pre destined, just a little chance meeting. Perhaps its Her way of saying, ‘go on loosen up a little! You’re only going to pass this way one time. Make the most of it…. ‘(That’s Life talking, by the way :))

Yea, we have a path that we are supposed to follow. The lines on our palms, the soothsayers and crystal healers all are in sync with the various parts of our galaxy. The stars, planets and moon all tell us of auspicious times for work and pleasure. At some point in life, each and everyone has been to one or the other, in a quest for what lies ahead.

So in this, if for a moment, you were told – Exercise your free will.

What would you do?

To be able to use free will is a daunting task for many. Each of us have it but only a handful can use it. It ain’t easy to leave a life you’re living to go on a journey that is going to make you sweat and toil, without any guarantee of what lies in store!

But in this, if you use your free will and take the chance, more often than not, you will get a lot more than you bargained for. At every sphere in life, be it work or relationships.. there comes a point when you need to look at it as an outsider and evaluate the next step.

Destiny plays a pivotal role in our lives, but believe me when I say this  – She also bends backwards to accommodate, should you want a slight change in plan. Yea, she’s agile like that! 🙂 The timing sure depends on Her and I will add, she may put you in a rather sticky situation too at times, but then, that’s the beauty of Destiny being a woman! The cake, the baker, the icing and the cherry… She simply has to have it all!!

Free will is a gift which u never know how to use, until you fight for it. It is a gift that is given with no strings attached. Use it at your own discretion and give yourself the life you crave.

“Well, as of now, my dear wife.. Can I please use my free will and request the pleasure of your company in the kitchen, lest we have burnt steak? I’m more than sure, Destiny has other plans for tonight. The night sky has all its stars, planets etc on their own path. So, pray leave them to their will and come be a part of mine.” Says the man of the house, amused.

Free will and Destiny are like partners in crime. And they truly make life a lot more interesting. Add to this, the sudden appearances of comets, meteors and asteroids. There is a reason for everything that happens. But sometimes, its just a little tease that Destiny brings. And to be able to enjoy that, is definitely not for the faint at heart!



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