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The theme of my debut book is and pleasure! Needless to say that as friendship day approached us… I was in an, ahem.. playful disposition of sorts… that changed into a soulful and meaningful one a little later.

Sometimes in a relationship, when the music dies.. you can go ahead and mourn it or you can refix the bass and treble and hear the melody again. Yea.. Life takes a whole circle!!

They say friends are the family we choose, and similarly, there are a few chips off the block, here too. What never ceases to amaze is how one matter of fact comment turns out to be the biggest bane of your life. Right from the times of our ancient mythological sacred texts, we have read about deceit, tyranny, loose talk and even molestation. And if these texts are proof, none of them really ended with the greatest of relationships. Everyone had something amiss.

So, what is friendship really?

The ability to be you is what friendship is. When you are with a person or a group of people that swear by you, for the right reasons and stand their ground when you’re wrong, is rare in the world today. Most of the time, people say what you want to hear, not what you should. That’s the difference between the degrees of friendship.

It takes a real person to take time out to know you and to give you reason to be a better version of your own self. Friendship isn’t about who you have known the longest.. its about those who came and never left!

That’s it, in a nutshell.

I received an email from a reader of Random Conversations, all the way from South America. Sharing an excerpt I find relevant to our choice of topic today. 🙂

“Writing in after reading your book. And I wanted to say that its friendship that truly makes the world go around. Having someone that shares your crazy and understands you for who you are is what matters most. I shared this madness with a friend and we drifted apart after years of knowing each other, on hearsay, which neither of us bothered to verify. I believed what I wanted to and moved on with my life, only to realize five years later at his funeral that it was all loose talk. There was nothing in it. But he has gone now and I will have to live with this, until forever.

Pursuit- Drawn by Destiny helped me relive some of my own memories. I loved the flirty undertones and the chemistry and I am a firm believer that its friendship that truly and really can make or break you as a person. I am looking forward to the closure of this book. Maybe it will help me find mine too.

Keep writing.


We are a week late and friendship day has passed us by but I simply couldn’t resist sharing this. We live each day as though we have all the time in the world. We say and do things as though time will give us another chance, should we need it. But the truth is, this is all we get. Our Now.

The beauty of friendship is that no matter how many days or weeks have passed by, all you need to do is pick up that phone and say, “Your place or mine!!!”

 For a conversation over a cup of coffee, I meant.. or did I forget to mention that slight detail??

To all the ones that love me for who I am and those who don’t for who they are.. happy friendship day. I will always be the crazy you are to me and I will always be your fallback lest you need some soulful meaningful advise!!! Actually, on second thoughts.. I’ll change that to – frivolous flirty nonsense!! After all, great friendship stems from when you can speak nonsense and have that respected!! Doesn’t it?

Lots of love and hugs. Thank you for being my crazy!


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