A delayed agreement…

At a talk show I was at recently, I was asked what success is. The very first thing that came into mind and flew out as words were, “ Success to me is when you can come home to a house full of music, laughter and conversation.”

It is when you enter the door and have the kids run upto you for a kiss or the dog jump on you to show its affection. Its when the man or woman (whoever got home earlier that day) envelop their arms around you and whisper ,”love you, honey.”

That, to me is the first sign of success and one that is greatly underrated!!

Every couple has their own identity and their own ways of showing each other their adulation. You don’t need a relationship guide book or a self help one. All you need is a mind that thinks rationale and a heart that forgives in abundance.

Two (hopefully) people make a relationship. 🙂 Three and beyond make a family. Everyone is diverse and unique in their thoughts and this is a good thing. If we all thought and behaved alike, life would be a tad bit boring, wouldn’t it???

So, in this, at a dinner time discussion, It would only be correct to assume that everyone would have their own opinion on the topic that was brought up. By habit, the man of the house and I sit on the couch post that, and skim through our disagreements.

“Delayed agreements, sweetheart.” He is quick to correct.

Aah!!! Yes, we seldom disagree. And yes, we are normal. We have a rule between us.. Moralistically, ethically and fundamentally we are second skin to each other but believe me, when it comes to the conversational affairs of life, I must admit that we are more than a tad bit different!!!

As two indivduals, we have our own opinions and neither influences the other about their belief. What I wanna share is that inspite of the difference, there are times that both feel they are correct. (Its actually interesting to be in a place wherein both people in the room think they’re right)

And there begins the debate.. we talk it out, argue sometimes, explain at others and in the end realise that we didn’t really disagree, all we had was a delayed understanding of the subject!!

That is Success.

There is nothing more fulfilling in life than to have a partner by your side who understands you and respects you for who you are. It ain’t easy to lay out bare on the table but if you want to have a love that can light up your eyes and make you weak in the knees at 90… this is all you need to be.

“Lay out…” he is continuing with a smirk. I stop him mid sentence lest he gets inappropriate! (Men will always be men)

Even in disagreeing, there is method. Seldom do we give the other person a chance to explain before we jump in to conclusions. This takes me back to conversations – there is no relationship without that. Infact even the silence haunts. It ain’t the comfortable silence that calms you… Oh No.. It’s the one that pushes you deeper into the empty ravines of the mind.

Talk it out.. have a pillow fight.. do what it takes but let that delayed agreement be a part of you. That is what success looks like.



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