Instant energy…

What is the one compliment you have received that brings about an instant smile on your face? Is it about your OUTWARD appearance or is it about the sparks of energy that radiate OUT OF YOU?

A fact here to recall would be, that beauty is realistically, only skin deep. And that too, with the help of the violet vixens, stone browns and bare nudes of the cosmetic giants.

Life is an exchange between people. Some cross your path, some stay, some create havoc and some walk right past by, without touching you at all. For the ones that cross your path, there is something very valuable that they leave behind – their energy. And yes, dollops of it.

It’s a play with the mind. Last week, I met with a very celebrated author in her most personal space – her home. Dressed simply, yet elegant in every way, She exuberated radiance as such that I was drawn to ask her the reason for her artistic beauty. I expected about 10 mins of her time owing to her busy schedule but left after a 100!! Yes, you read that correct. Whoever said that expectation causes hurt may definately want to revise that statement!!

Nothing is ever written in stone!!

This is the first time I have ever been in such close proximity to a star, one that twinkles right here on earth. Her naturally flawless skin added all the glam and it was in the way she spoke that instantly made me feel alive. It is how you make a person feel that actually speaks volumes about You as one!

Needless to say that her positivity gyrated all around me and I left feeling recharged… and happy!

That’s all it really takes. Spread your sunshine and sprinkle a little glitter and see how things fall in place. Life is meant to be lived, every moment of every day. Positivity is a daily ritual with your own self. It is a constant work of progress, for your own mind and body. You can go ahead and blame situations and circumstances but the truth is, a mind that thinks happy stays happy.

It is not easy, I assure you. To train the mind to be calm and face the challenges that come your way, breaks down the bravest of them all. But, believe me, everything passes. What stays in the end is the way you’ve stood your ground.

A lot of people today mistake frivolous laughter to be happiness. Some go to the extent of making others feel good, only on a superficial level. This doesn’t count as being a positive person. It simply means you’re pretending. And Pretense is a very dangerous word.

I got back home feeling rejuvenated, only to find an email that read as such – ‘I so enjoyed meeting you. Good energy all the way!’

I literally.. like literally ran to the freezer and grabbed the chilled bubbly that had been saved for a later occasion.

This calls for a celebration – Are you coming???

It’s the smallest things you say or do that go a long way in making another feel good. Positive attracts positive and in turn stays positive. There was no reason for someone of that stature to even bother with a reply but then, I believed she would… And my belief realized.

It all boils down to the importance of my delectable threesome  – faith, trust and love. Faith is when your conviction in belief is unshakeable. Trust is when your belief is unmovable and Love… Love is all the positivity you will ever need.

Champagne on the ledge by the window, watching the rains lash Mumbai and hearing the waves make out with the shore!!!

Aaaaah.. Life!!



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