Its in my stars!!!

At some point in life, the planetary positions seem to tire of their complacency and decide to play a game of corners, running helter skelter and stopping wherever they want. Or is it that their pause is also at a predetermined position?
Does the age old zodiac really have the power to change things around? Do the self proclaimed sages seriously have an ability to understand the vibes that come from idols or directly from the skies above?
Just thinking aloud.. for if this were the case, wouldn’t we all have it ALL, like literally??!! The idea is to understand that akin to science, astrology too has its limitations. It ain’t a step by step user manual to live your life!!
Not saying that horoscopes aren’t true, I love reading mine every Sunday. It gives a kick if its positive and if its negative, which its rarely.. I read it and don’t think too much into it. Just imagine, if one day it said, ‘you’re going to fall in love again.’ Damn! Every man or woman you met in that week would be a prospective. Your way of seeing them would be different.. maybe you would flirt a little extra or maybe you would play a little hard to get but the truth is, that the week would have sailed by, leaving you in a trance of your own!! And the bigger truth is that you have to let that week go after its past! If it worked for you, great and if it didn’t, there is always the next. If this is what your thought process looks like, then you are doing just fine! 🙂 Sit back and wait for the next week’s speculative prediction in the astro- speak column!
It’s a better way to look at life if you can magnify the positives and downplay the negatives.. I think somewhere we look up at the skies in a quest to seek for answers or perhaps to hope for what we want as reality! It is a search for an interpretation that matches what we already hope to be true. Some seers have the ability to foresee the future, but tell me.. do you really wanna know yours? If it were ours to know, we would know it anyway.
So what astrology really does is give us hope. It lays down a path to follow and instills in us a methodology to pursue our destiny. It gives you a way, a medium to reach your destination. The way you walk on that path or the use you make of the medium given to you, depends entirely upon you as an individual.
If you find your faith waver or you stumble in your path, this science gives you a chance to believe again. It instills in your mind that you will be ok, actually more than ok.. But you have to hold onto that belief, ofcourse with a sense of crazy madness!
Everything happens for a reason.. You don’t need to know that reason, for life has no obligation to give you what you want or need. All it really asks of you is to do your thing!! Keep walking and enjoy the journey. Circumstances will help make your choices but that won’t change the destination. It will just pave another path for you to walk on.
Sometimes it gets frustrating and you feel as though you have been singled out.. But tell me, in times of adversity you look up and ask, why me? So just wondering, do you do the same in prosperity too?
🙂 The look of awe on your face right now is enough to me to say q.e.d.
I’ll sign off with my favourite line – Believe in a delectable threesome of faith, trust and love and walk the path that your stars pave for you.
It’s a perfect combination. A little bit of this and a little bit of you.
And hey, don’t forget to share what the stars had in store for you this week.. Mine goes as such –
(So, you know, I am a mix between a libra & a scorpio and more often than not I pick and choose what works at inflating my ego for that week :))
“You are going to meet a dynamic person who will change the course of your life! Go on a holiday.”
Hahahahaha.. So, this one is for all of you who read this today… I’m packing already, Pray cross my path!!
Have a great week ahead!

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