Re-write your script!!

“You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world…but you do have some say in who hurts you.” (John Green)
A human being, is actually the most complex of all species, not by birth, but by their own insecurities and self-induced motives. I read a book recently that had the quote featured above and incidentally the very same evening, the reel version of it came up on television. It felt like a message, like there is something out there that wants to say something to me, Ofcourse, in sign language! 🙂
In the world of AI and technology, there is still “A Someone” who prefers to be in their own space. It feels like life is actually a play, without a definite script. The Scenes and Acts are drawn out and the duration of the same is aligned. But the script is left for You to write.
“Come with me.” Walked in the man of the house and gently tugged at my arm.
I began to protest, as I needed to finish a few assignments, but the look on his face was one I simply couldn’t refuse so I relented.
“Wow! What is this?”
Out in our backyard, there was a screen affixed and a light rug lay on the grass. A wicker picnic basket overflowing with cheese, crisps and nuts was placed to one side near the chiller. A few colourful cushions were strewn carelessly on the rug.
“I’m helping you, edit your script, my dear!”
I look up at him confused as I sit on the rug, my knees to one side.
“You see, your script starts off well but somewhere in the middle, you let the other characters take over. What you’re overlooking here, is that this script is yours to write. You can chose to edit if it makes you unhappy and rewrite it, if leaves you unsatiated! If the Act has a scene you don’t particularly like, hmmm.. we have a problem but hey.. you can chose to reword the script and make the most of what you got, right?”
I stare at him, at a loss of words. It actually makes a lot of sense, if you think about it, like that. People say and do things that hurt you but they’re mere characters. You’re choosing to let that affect the script, when in reality its not even their play. Speaking of plays, I happened to see an Indian adaptation of A.R. Gurney’s ‘Love Letters’ called Tumhari Amrita. It spans over a 35 year period and talks of their unrequited love for each other. They let nothing or no one come in the way of their script. Their reality was different as their Acts had already been decided but what they had for each other and themselves stayed alive through their script.
“And my dear, speaking of scripts, I have one right here that will help you reword yours!”
“Sure, what’s the occasion..” I ask with a smile.
“Now. We have our Now, isn’t that celebration enough?”
The screen came alive with one of our favourite classics and we sprawled across the cushions and spent the evening experiencing love, laughter, tickles and our NOW… To edit your script or not is entirely in your hands. If you find reason that makes you happy from your soul, go for it. If you find reason that makes the rest of your script, look like everything you have ever wanted, go for it.. If you find one reason that hurts you or makes you unhappy, go on and re write that script. It really doesn’t matter what people say or do to you. At the end of the day, its You as a person that has let them.
People have always fascinated me for everyone is so different from each other. What they say and what they do are such complete opposites, that I often wonder, if at the end of the day, they themselves even realise who they truly are! Life happens, this we know. But if in this life, you have one relationship that trips you, laughs with you and gives you a hand to pull you up.. Go for it.
As we lay under the constellation of stars, I couldn’t help but smile. 🙂 I have no reason to re write my script as this is exactly where I want to be. People will come and people will go. But what stays is you. Its futile to let mere characters affect and change you as a person. I’m not implying that it will easy but what I will reiterate is, ’Believe in You.’
“Why are you smirking?” he asked looking my way.
I point to the screen that has my eternal favourite Edward and Julia.. I love the spontaneity, I love that even when she is ridiculed, she doesn’t let it effect her and I totally love this last scene… He realises he needs to rewrite his script and climbs up that wrought iron ladder, without a second thought. Needless to assume that you have already guessed the movie. 🙂
You do realise that being happy is a choice you make. Wanting to remain happy falls in the same bracket too. It actually is a walk in the park… ok.. I’ll make it, a walk on the Beach. (I love the waves washing up to my feet and being able to run back after them.)
And I’ll leave you with this thought – When you don’t know the duration of the play, you may as well enjoy writing and editing the script.. for one day that curtain will come down, without a cue and without a prompt. So don’t let anyone take away your pen!
I’d love for you to tune into this song as you read this piece.
P.S. Do you prefer a walk in the park or one at the Beach, or is it straight up the mountains, for you?

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