Bound & Gagged!!

I’m sure the title succeeded in you arching an eyebrow and wondering – Really? Bound and gagged??
Hahahaha.. I like the way you think but today, let’s chat about this in its truest form.
From the First date at Mr. Ad Campaign’s private yacht, we’ve come a long way.. To my pleasant surprise, it indeed was a liberating evening – of intellectual conversations! Well, Ok to begin with.. 😉
Sensing the predominant interest in the human anatomy between the two, our chatter soon receded to me finding a quiet spot on the deck.. With my chilled Bud, ofcourse!
Its sad, isn’t it.. We live in a world where we are so tied down that as individuals, we are denied basic freedom. Freedom to explore, and to experience. Who is to define right and wrong? Who is to say how much is enough? Who is to demark the distinct line of fatal attractions!
Personally, I know of friends who are so bound in their marriages that they’ve killed the free spirited person they used to be. I use the word bound because;
If she laughs too loud, she’s having an affair
If she gets experimental in bed.. She’s a S&%$
If she wears a short dress, it’s to attract the others
If she works, it’s because she wants to be superior to her Man.
I mean, seriously.. Where is all this coming from? From your own insecurities I would strongly believe.
On a random conversation one ladies night, I did overhear of a friend who had recently started messaging a colleague. ‘Its just some harmless flirting’, she added quickly, not wanting to be judged..
To want something outside of a relationship, To crave an emotional or a physical fleeting moment or to simply have an ‘in between’ friends with benefits situation – There is only one underlying reason – Too much control over the other person.
A marriage does not give you an ownership right, it does not imply that you give up everything you had before and neither does it mean that your morning afternoon evening and night will be in control of your spouse!
As individuals, we are so stuck in the rut of being politically correct, prim and proper, of being socially acceptable that if there comes a time in our life when we meet someone whose madness matches ours, The Universe chuckles and says, ‘Go, live it up, Sweetheart! This is all the chance you’re gonna get’
Not every girl wants a relationship; some just want uncomplicated company, good vibes and a little time out.
So, smiled Peyton softly to herself as she glanced at the cellphone buzzing beside her;
If she must be bound and gagged – how about letting her be; albeit in the way that she likes.. 🙂

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