The first date

Picture this – A lounge bar in the southern part of Mumbai, entry only for the mature above 40’s who are single, double or a work in progress. By WIP, I mean the ones who are looking to hook up. Aaah! Welcome to the world of Tinder and more.
I walk in with a girlfriend out of sheer curiosity. This club was known to be an entry by invite only affair. A limited set of members who could invite upto 3 guests in one night. This was my lucky night, I was told by Nilima just as we set foot in. I screwed my eyes in exasperation.. Nilima Nilima… she was a true sexual predator if I may.
“A chilled beer and a vodka tonic, please,” I smile at the 20 something girl behind the bar who leaves nothing to imagination. How easy it is to get laid I muse in my head and smirk.
We’re leaning against the bar and chatting with each other, when I see Mr. Armani, Gucci and Prada, all rolled into one, coming our way. “Ooh! ” gushed my friend Nilima, “Damn he’s hot! ”
I look towards her and blurt.. “Oh Please, He’s too much of an advertisement campaign”
“Priya, at this rate you will be single till you die.”
Before I could reply, Mr Ad Campaign was standing in front of us. “Ladies!” he says in a husky deep monotone voice. “May i request the pleasure of your company tonight? I’ve got my private yacht moored over by the Gateway and I assure you of a liberating evening!” he says with a wink.
Liberating evening my ass!!  the words flow through my head and before I can decline, Nilima hastily grabs my hand and answers in the affirmative.
I look at the beauty beside me and wonder.. And that’s it.. Welcome to the 21st century! A direct first date! No questions, no details..
Just a classic case like Nike’s ‘Just do it!’

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