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The best part of being a Woman is that we get the cake, the icing, the cherry on the icing and of course the Quintessential good looking Baker as well… We wouldn’t want it any other way now, would we?
That is exactly how Life should be – lived to the fullest. So whether you’re the girl next door who prefers sitting by the windowsill reading or the one down the street in ripped shorts playing in the mud with the boys – You are who you are! Who am I to judge anyway?
There will always be one person in your life who brings out the madness in you – keep him close .. ok, maybe a little closer than the rest! He may be a friend, an ex, a husband (though I seriously doubt it) or a half n half… I mean between a friend and a lover..
This is what our generation is growing up to – a little bit of this and a little bit of that. We want to explore our boundaries, push our own limits, see what we are really made of!
I ain’t the typical sugar and spice and everything nice variety – this I figured recently.. and suddenly the puzzles of Life are seeming to fit in.. hahahaha!
I wonder what’s bringing that smirk on your face.. write in and lets begin on Random Conversations – The art of Wine-ing Women!

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